HKX local 10G port update

By popular demand, we have increased the speed of access to the local Hong Kong Peak speed of our nodes - up to 10gbps per nodes. HKX Nodes.


8th Jun 2019
Discount code

Only from 8.06-10.06 50% OFF for all cloud servers use discount code Q556GKKMP8


8th Jun 2019
Free Cloud Server

The promotion has been temporarily suspended. (At the time of 07/09/2019) Wait for the news! News. Free cloud Server!.SSD Virtual Private Servers Instantly Deployed in Hong Kong or Taiwan. Special promo offer for webmasters  Cloud Server hosting with China Route and Premium speed CN2. The ideal solution for host your ... Read More »

8th Jun 2019
DignusData News

我司自 2018 年起使用 ,客户可以自行查询 IP 初次被宣告的时间. ... Read More »

6th Jun 2019
Free Cpanel Hosting

The promotion has been temporarily suspended. (At the time of 07/11/2019) Wait for the news!   News. Free cloud hosting.SSD Virtual Private Servers Instantly Deployed in Hong Kong or Taiwan.  The Cpanel  LAMP stack is our most popular Linux server configuration. Within minutes, launch a cloud web server Cpanel with Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, ... Read More »

31st May 2019
NEW Locations And HKBN nodes

Right now, we are excited to announce that the DignusData cloud servers with china optimized route, premium route, are now available to purchase in HongKong HKBN route HongKong Kvm cloud servers Hosting Plans . Virtual Private Servers provide clients with an affordable, reliable platform and an onramp to root level hosting services Direct ... Read More »

30th May 2019
DignusData Macau Cloud servers CTM

DignusData  from today you can order Macau VPS Server Hosting from just EUR 50.00/month with many amazing features macau vps server hosting Hello We have good news for all our clients New Location Macau CTM Ready for preorders speed test Share result: · ` you can Test IP and speed  kvm cloud ... Read More »

26th May 2019
Asia Cloud servers Rules

亲爱的客户,您好! 近期滥用IP地址、对外发送垃圾邮件和攻击的行为愈演愈烈,对IP的正常使用造成了严重的影响,为了保证我们的服务品质,提高网络质量,DignusData将加大针对安全事件(投诉)的处罚力度,具体情况如下:   处罚规定: 1.如我们收到关于spa... Read More »

22nd May 2019
New panel & locations for cloud servers

Hello and thank you for joining DignusData!

 We updated the control panel on our nodes for more convenient service management.If something does not work for you or you need help with panel, please contact us in ticket support.

Also we have added new Locations! Chile and Bolivia


21st May 2019
cloud vm locations in Asia

  Due to the increased demand for cloud vm locations in Asia, there may be a slight delay in service activation. Please treat with understanding. You will get best services as always!   由于客戶對亞洲服務器需求的增加,虛擬機的開通可能会略有延迟。  请理解。 ... Read More »

11th May 2019